Microcement suitable subtrates

Microcement can be applied to a vary of substrates. These include:

Microcement over Plasterboard – must be skimmed or taped and dry lined first

Microcement over Cementboard – should be prepared with boards firmly together and gap free

Microcement over Plywood / MDF – these must be firmly in place and secured to the joists on the floor. These can also be used to form a base for microcement to then be installed on to for countertops and sinks

Microcement over Tiles – At Microcement in London we use a fibreglass mesh to add strength to all substrates. If applying over tiles this can be a real cost saving in terms of preparation work. The photo attached to this blog shows a sample of tiles being applied over with 1) fibreglass mesh 2) two coats of microbase 3) a further 2 coats of microfine, and 4) four coats of sealant to leave a beautiful marble affect with a total of just 2-3 mm.

Microcement over Concrete Screed – this must be flat and crack free

If there are other surfaces / substrates you are interested in having microcement installed on to please get in touch and we will happily advise whether they are suitable.

We now also offer a unique self levelling and screeding service should you require this prior to us installing microcement. If this is of interest please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will talk you through this in further detail.

Kind Regards – The Team @ Microcement in London